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This site features Moses E Hoskins' artwork produced since 2015.

To access his work prior to 2016, click on MOSESHOSKINS.COM

Mo's art -the work of Moses E Hoskins       

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Moses E Hoskins was born in 1953 in Iowa where he spent his youth and some time as an adult.  He was educated in public schools and attended a few colleges in the Midwest before attaining a BFA later on in 1981 in what could be construed as a last ditch effort at Formal Education from The University of Iowa School of Art & Art History.  

As a visual fine artist with roots in figurative rendering he has worked abstractly and/or nonrepresentationally since the mid 80's. Development continues, if obliquely, through mundane life experience, occasional world travel -and the passage of time...

Residing in New York since 1988, Hoskins exhibits in a variety of venues.  He exhibited regularly in NYC at OK Harris from 2000 until the gallery's closing in 2014 after 45 years. His work is now included in White Column's Artist Registry, New York.

Hoskins is a recipient of multiple grants from The Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation and also from The Pollock Krasner Foundation -and he has been a guest at Yaddo.


Maybe this world is another planet's hell. ― Aldous Huxley

Happy are they who have not walked in the counsel of the wicked... Psalms 1:1


politically irrelevant artwork that is not socially engaged -or of its time

in 2020, work by Hoskins was intermittently included in Jason McCoy's Drawing Challenge an on-line eclectic group exhibition series during covid distancing

  other news:   3 untitled paintings, pgs 10,11 & 15 Uni-Verse Poetry-Prints-Proofs by Visionary Humans          

                                                                              eds. Anna Ehrsam & Katherine Jackson.  NY: Battery Journal, 2020