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January 2023 marked 35 years since fleeing to New York City, a better place to not amount to anything, where 'regular' is with milk and sugar and the name of that street is pronounced 'Howston', not 'Hewston' - and where they said to me, "It's too late. It's over. Kapeesh?" But I stayed anyway even though I had evidently missed the party, and so it has been: 9 years in the slummette on Spring Street, 5 years at a commercial space in the garment district, 1 year misbegotten somewhere in Brooklyn, and then these last 2 decades, since 2003, here in Outerboro, aka Astoria in Queens.

-Well OF COURSE, making art IS a quixotic endeavor. However, when thoughtfully considered in hindsight, I really don't know what else I would've done - or where else I would've gone...

I am guessing overall I did the right thing, as if there had been a choice, a brass ring, a trajectory to ride...

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click HERE for series of 10 paintings on canvas, 24x 20 inches each

untitled/ painting & drawing media on canvas, 54x 48, 2023   / 544823