statement about the work:

It is customary for Hoskins to work abstractly or nonrepresentationally in conventional media; cotton canvas on wood stretchers, paint, drawing media and paper. He produces paintings, drawings and collages. Usually this is done in cohesive series but occasionally disparate or anomalous pieces happen.

Attention/emphasis is given to combined various components and considerations engaged during the process of visual composition - e.g.: line & edge, spatial relationship of implied form/ negative space, color relationships/gradations, tactile properties of materials/ juxtoposing degrees of slop and finesse in application on/to the surface - & so forth...

Hoskins' work really isn't about anything other than actual painting and drawing. - It is not rhetorically dependent or reliant upon “content” as its excuse: A friend, having observed his work over decades, remarked of it as "in the act of 'capturing' the amorphous".  (Well, maybe...)

There is no intent in mind other than to make Art. Exploration and refinement of aesthetic criteria comprise his motivation.



Art is too serious to be taken seriously.

Art is art. Everything else is everything else. -Ad Reinhardt

&/or: When one is painting one does not think. -Raphael