2020 said to be underway...

more paintings later...

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-ironic, isn't it/?, that the year of perfect vision happens to fall in a period of utter/extant persisting myopia -but never mind; I just paint & draw untitled abstract or nonrepresentational stuff and in the work never address any societal issues:

photo portrait of Hoskins by Chuck Baker

click HERE for exhibition at Plaxall Gallery, LIC

6 part polyptych (hexaptych) featuring the 3 primary colors and 3 secondary colors, oil on canvas, 42x 42 inches each (84x 126 inches altogether) Click HERE to view each panel singly.

Francis Picabia Calf Worship ca1941-42

click HERE for a different batch on paper:

  -and more drawings underway HERE >

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untitled/ oil on canvas, 52x 52 inches, 2020