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The website software I had been using to build and maintain my site since 2006 was discontinued in 2009 and with my next computer upgrade it will no longer be available to me.

Consequently, I am now building this new site,, on different software in anticipation of the inevitable change.

This will function as an extension of the old site which to replicate really would have been an ordeal. I'll not go on about it.  Although the "old" site shall remain in cyberspace, it will no longer have updates as it continues to attest to past work and activity. You may still refer to it at any time -and occasional links to pages of it are embedded on this site here.

In short, .com is now an archive of past work and .net features work beginning in 2016 and ongoing.

Work from both sites is available for purchase or exhibition.  Contact with any inquiries.

Thank you for your patronage and interest.

Carry on. IWBOSE (ItWillBeOverSoonEnough)


Moses E. Hoskins / mh/July, 2016

untitled/ painting & drawing media on canvas, 24x 20 inches, 2017

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. -George Bernard Shaw

But wait!

August, 2019: 3 yrs after launching this new site (.net) with new software, imagine my amazement that the old mac software actually still remains operable on an old computer. Although it is too slow and ungainly now for routine everyday usage I do use it occasionally to compile way too many travel photos on the old software of which continues to function as an archive for artwork from as long ago as around 1990 and up through 2015.

Most documentation of work produced before 1990 remains undigitized. In fact, I did not go digital until 2006 when I bought my first computer. / mh

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