Moses E. Hoskins was born in 1953 in Iowa where he spent his youth and some time as an adult.  As a visual fine artist, roots were in figurative rendering but he has worked abstractly since the mid 80's. He was educated in public schools and attended a few colleges in the Midwest before attaining a BFA later on in 1981 from the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History.

Residing in New York City since 1988, Hoskins exhibits in a variety of venues. He is a recipient of grants for support of his work from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation and also from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, and a Yaddo guest.

Hoskins exhibited regularly with OK Harris in NYC from 2000 until their closing in 2014 after 45 years. Currently his work is in the inventories of Giampietro Gallery, New Haven and Robischon Gallery, Denver.

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This site features Moses E Hoskins' artwork produced since 2015.

To access his work prior to 2016, click on MOSESHOSKINS.COM

Mo's art -the work of Moses E Hoskins       

untitled/ painting & drawing media on canvas, 42x 48 inches, 2018

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I do not engage in so-called social media. Altogether, two websites and private e-mail comprise the extent of my cyberinput.

work on canvas from 2017 as displayed at Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, March-April, 2018

painting & drawing media on canvas, 20x 16 inches, 2018

painting & drawing media on wood, 18.5x 18 inches, 2018

upcoming: a volume from Hoskins' Book of Debris, ca '95 included in Photo-A-GoGo, a group show curated by D.Dominick Lombardi SRO GALLERY, 1144 Dean Street, Brooklyn 11216, Oct 19 - Nov 11  

opening reception Fri, Oct 19, 6-9 pm/ gallery hours: Sat &Sun 1-6

aka Mo the obscure

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inside an untitled pocket sized volume from Hoskins’ Book of Debris, ca1995

By gathering all the paper and plastic trash that carelessly never made it into our growing landfills and oceans, Hoskins turns us all into voyeurs as we flip through a series of snapshots and Polaroids mixed amongst product packaging, receipts and scented car fresheners.      D.Dominick Lombardi

Photo-A-GoGo presents art that has photography as an element, whether it is predominant or used as a minor accent, to show how the creative process now parallels or responds to the ubiquitous social digital/exchange mentality. We have the MIME, Instagram, Snapchat, all the ways we express or project our ideas or self-image – so the photograph, instead of being “worth a thousand words” is now as common as a mosquito in July. However, that does not mean that art or the intention behind it or the imagery utilized is, in the end, benign.                                 -D.Dominick Lombardi, Artes Magazine & Dart International Magazine

Participants include Don Doe, Liz Guarracino, Jan Houllevigue, Moses Hoskins, Janusz Kawa, D.Dominick Lombardi, Creighton Michael, Claire Seidl, Jill Thayer, Roman Turovsky, Patrick Winfield, Tamsy Xiao